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Structuring your Excel – “the hidden agenda”

Introduction Most developers don’t like Excel as a “development platform”. Many projects are migration projects from an Excel solution to a “real application”. And often this is worth the trouble. But in some cases Excel has a lot of advantages. … Continue reading

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Improving throughput by using queue-based patterns

Introduction In my current project we let the users run simulations. Because of flexibility, the calculations are performed by Excel spreadsheets. There are many different spreadsheets available, for different kinds of simulations. When the calculations rules for one of the … Continue reading

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What is the role of the database?

Introduction Most non-trivial applications will use a database to store data. This database can be relational or not, but some data store will be needed. Most modern database management systems (DBMS) can do much more than just storing data, and … Continue reading

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Unit testing your Repositories

The problem We have created our data layer, and of course we want to test it. It is very hard to use a (physical) database to test your code. There are some problems with this (commonly used) approach: Unit tests … Continue reading

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Using the repository pattern

In most applications database access is necessary. In .NET there are 2 main ways of doing this: ADO.NET or using the Entity Framework. Of course there are great 3rd party libraries like NHibernate that do the trick as well, and … Continue reading

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Handling a “Microservices” Project

I’m currently working on a big application that has been built up using microservices. The application is composed of small(ish) apps that compose the application. The idea is that these small apps work together to create the final application. This … Continue reading

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