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Creating multiple identical VMs in Microsoft Azure

In this post I show how to create an image from a VM in Microsoft Azure, and use this to create identical VMs. Continue reading

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Why would you use Common Table Expressions?

Introduction In this article I suppose that you have a good understanding of SQL already. I will introduce some concepts very briefly before moving on to Common Table Expressions. Below you can find the relevant database diagram of the database … Continue reading

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Creating a Visio Add-In in VS2017

Problem statement A good friend asked me the following question: How can I in Visio change the color to a previously selected color just by selecting a shape? Sounds simple enough, but there are some caveats, so here is my … Continue reading

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Architecture of a Polyglot Azure Application

Introduction I started working on a C# project that will communicate requests to several different partners, and receive feedback from them. Each partner will receive requests in their own way. This means that sending requests can (currently) be done by … Continue reading

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Areas in ASP.NET Core

Introduction In a default MVC application everything is organized by Controllers and Views. The controller name determines the first part of your URL, and the controller method the second part. By default the view that will be rendered has the … Continue reading

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Automating the creation of NuGet packages with different .NET versions

Introduction I created a couple of straightforward libraries to be used in almost every project. So evidently these libraries are a good candidate for NuGet. This will decouple the libraries from the projects that they are used in. It also … Continue reading

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Implementing the Excel Simulator in F#

Introduction In my previous post we talked about how to structure an Excel workbook to make it easy to perform changes. As a side effect we have now a good idea of what is the data, and what is the … Continue reading

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