About Gaston


I am WP_20151231_004Gaston Verelst, a Belgian MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) since 1995 (yes, that long). I also hold a lot of other certificates, but I won’t bore you here with the full list.

On this blog, I describe my real life problems concerning development and architecture, and their solutions. The blog will be mainly about .NET development using MS Azure, SQL Server and all the other MS stack products, but there will be an occasional sidetrack.

I’m not teaching as much as I like anymore, but during courses, some questions always pop up. These questions are a good inspiration for this blog, so I’ll answer them here.

Also, it seems impossible to take good pictures of me, so you’ll have to do with this one.

Happy reading!

Please follow me on Twitter @DotNetPro. You can find me on LinkedIn as well.



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